Duties and Taxes

Import customs duties & the tax for import turnover

The importing company, respectively the person importing the goods, is held responsible for the import customs duties and the tax for import turnover inEurope.

SOP-Trading (HK) Limited is your contact for your purchase management; that is all from only one source. The customs duties, the taxes and fees shall be invoiced directly to you by the national authority.

We provide guidance in this matter, too, also by presenting a preliminary calculation of all the customs duties and applicable turnover taxes.

The taxes are determined through:

Customs duties

  • goods tariff code
  • value of goods, including transport costs
  • origin country

Tax for import turnover

  • The tax for import turnover is different from one country to another. For import inGermanyit was 19% in 05/2012.
  • The tax for import turnover is approved at the deduction before the taxation.

The import customs duties and the tax for the turnover shall be paid only when the imported goods arrive on European territory.

A control is also necessary here!

A Chinese manufacturer deliberately introduces in the export documents a lower value of the goods to maintain a reduced customs duty. Nevertheless, several times this results into keeping the goods at the border longer and the mistakes are corrected subsequently.

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