Price advantages

Your price-related advantages for the import from China through SOP – Trading

Manufacturer prices:

Each entrepreneur starting import of goods from China must expect higher prices first. Information regarding the correct price on the market, production processes, experience, long negotiations and obviously personal contacts are necessary for getting the correct price on the market.

This is especially good for higher investments. Even for smaller orders there are huge saving possibilities.

The prices you get from us are on average 15-30% cheaper than for standard import!

Prices for transport in Europe:

We can also substantially reduce the transport costs. Depending on the capacity, we convey your goods individually or together with other goods in maritime containers, respectively by air. Due to our experience we shall find the most economic solution for you.

The transport costs you get through us are on average 25% cheaper than for a transport organized on your own.

Risks for incorrect deliveries or defective goods:

Based on our quality control on the spot, we exclude to a great extent the obvious defects of the products, low quality packaging and incorrect deliveries. Thus, there is a lower risk for you regarding the complaints and due reimbursement costs.

If you must return or replace the goods because of their flaws, there will be significant additional costs, despite all the precaution measures!

Risks regarding piracy of products, violation of copyright:

Unfortunately there is no secret that inChinathere are many illegal copies of products. A great deal of those is confiscated at the customs and is destroyed subsequently. A legal procedure is often long and hopeless. As a consequence, a suggestion would be not to import branded items and articles with similar names to the branded ones, such as Puma or Nike.

We previously check the risks associated with piracy of products and violation of copyrights, so that you, as an importer, not loose anything and pay the costs of invoices you had already paid before.
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