Brief project management

So that you can get the exact information, we shall explain here step by step the process of an order.

1. You wish to import cheap goods from China to Europe. You already know the type of product(s)’ please, contact us by phone or by using our contact form. Phone: +49 (0)77 31/203 68 53 //  Contact form

2.  Based on legal the regulations, we check if these products can be offered, respectively introduced in your country without any problems and who are the suppliers who meet the necessary standards for an import with no risks.

3. Then you will receive an offer from us. By request, we can send you photos and/or samples.

4. If you accept our offer, you will conclude an individual sales agreement adapted to your needs with SOP –Trading (HK) Limited.

5. The execution of the sales agreement, including After-Sales Support.

6. SOP – Trading (HK) Limited shall be your contact from the beginning till the end during the entire length of the project.

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