Delivery solutions

Air or maritime transport of goods

The costs related to the transport of goods from China to Europe often represent a great deal from the calculation of import costs. The prices of the suppliers are very different and provide a significant saving potential.

We search the cheapest/best solution for you at the moment and we present the correct offer.

Transport – duration:

The maritime delivery period is nearly 4 weeks after finishing and checking the quality of the goods.

The air transport of goods lasts nearly 5-10 days after finishing and checking the quality of the goods.

General things:

For big volumes, respectively weight, the cheapest solution is ship delivery.

Only 5% of the total Chinese export (depending on the weight) is delivered through air transport.

Transport from harbour, respectively airport to your warehouse shall be done by truck or by a Transporter.

We convey your imported goods in maritime containers, separately or together with other products, depending on the capacity. Thus, transport costs are reduced significantly.

The air transport of goods can also be the best modality for emergency transport and for special cases.

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