Import experience / network

A long process is necessary before having the possibility to import goods from China successfully and with no risks.

For successful relations, the contact networks are critically important. They open new markets for you and provide opportunities for profitable projects. You may benefit of our current international contacts. Regular visits to Asia manufacturers extend and consolidate this network as well.

Due to our global business relations, we have discovered the access to different cultures and professional conduct. Through this network we have created mutual trust and sincerity and, as a consequence, the permanent possibility for an intense dialogue with each other. The network increases with each new partner from Asia and the opportunities resulting there of  increase rapidly.

Which are the elements we can contribute with to your safety through our relations network?

  • protection of the company
  • company credibility
  • clarifying misunderstandings
  • authorizing the company for EU import
  • quality control of the company
  • access control to goods’ production
  • We select the enterprises with eligible goods

The extended and efficient relations network of SOP Trading (HK) Limited makes the access easier and you and may take full advantage of it.

Eliminate the import risks and focus on your business!

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